Part the velvet red curtains to find a seductive twist on those timeless sensual values of Decadentia, Eros, Beauty, Love and Mistery.

Poets and Performers, lovely Aerialists and charming DJ’s, burlesque Dancers and hard Divas, Acrobats and absinthe, sexy Dwarfs and sensual Princesses, baroque Musicians and decadent Costumes; all are to be found inside , to offer you a different access to Entertainment.

A mischievous invitation to the game of Seduction, permeated with grace, elegance, artistic skills and sensual drama!

is an international agency in models, performers and artists management and talent discovery.

We believe in the potential of the entire individual, and has taken an unyielding stance against segmenting talent by race, age, or size; each one of them is the potential starting point of your next idea.

Each of them has their own unique style and individual talents and they are all genuine characters.

We are internationally operational.