Confess your erotic desire and Madame “O” will make it real!

Our Passion, Love, Sensitivity, attention to Details and long term Experience enable us to realize any of your deepest, darkest, and most thrilling sexual fantasies & experiences, making your dream coming true.

Our Sensual Touch will take you to a new world beyond your imagination; we will take care of you, making you comfortable and relaxed in any experience we will create for you, making you live your erotic dream to the fullest!

We are based in Europe, so to keep the costs reasonable our favourite playground is our continent, but on request we can provide our services everywhere in the world.

PRIVACY is SACRED and it is a DUTY to us, we will not ask you to disclose any sensitive data; you are stress free and relaxed to realize your wildest erotic fantasies in total anonymity.


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How it works - Our strict procedure

After receiving your first contact with a brief description of the fantasy you wish to realize; we will start a necessary email correspondence to talk deeply about your desire.

As soon as we have a clear and precise picture of your request, we evaluate whether to accept it or not: a negative feedback could be due to different reasons, mainly summarized in logistic and organizational aspects and in an ethic evaluation of your request.

Once we decide to accept your request, we will move forward by creating a quote; if you accept the quote, we will start concretely working on the realization of your fantasy, moving into the organizational details.

Very important note:

*Realizing the fantasies of our Clients implies that some activities could be related to sexuality; we wish to clearly clarify and confirm that we are a sex positive environment, that regards just consensual sexual activities that are not related to prostitution or escorting at all; we strongly fight this practices and our values point to the opposite direction. All the people involved in realizing the fantasies and providing our services are selected and quality libertine people, with a very strong hedonist attitude and they are just passionate about a sex positivity lifestyle, sharing values such as freedom, respect, consciousness and pleasure, without asking or expecting for any money compensation.

**We provide a sexy safe and secure haven for you all, different genders and flavours are welcome.

***Services can be provided to people over 21 years old only.