This package is designed for summertime Parties; we have many more different thematic shows we can propose to You, so please let your fantasy flies, because we can realize anything you wish!

“In the White Isle beyond the purple water of the vast sea and beyond the sandy dunes of the earthy desert, there is a Sanctuary of Sex and Libertine Life, gleaming with red bonfires at night, under the sapphire-blue sky and the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.

I learnt of this place during my quest for the Libertine Life, from the dreamlike words of a dead poet and the velvety, erotic voice of a sensual mistress.

All along two days and nights, from dusk to dawn, they told me about naked and simple truths, about the eternal cycle of opposites: male and female, light and darkness; they told me about Liberty, which is at the roots of Libertine and about the Four Elements, fire and water, air and earth, which are at the roots of all things. 

I went there across the sea and the sky and then I rode across the desert, I bareback rode the chrome and leather bikes of a strange gang with the Four Horsemen: Liberty, Truth, Beauty and Free Love”.